Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dean Reynolds PDP

Description of work done

The assignment was to create a game idea as a group and then produce a short presentation to depict the game to the class, the objectives were to brainstorm an original game concept and produce information regarding the games mechanics which would make our game unique. Our main focus as a group was to concentrate on conceiving original game play and mechanics that would bring something new to video games of this generation, it seemed as if i had taken lead role on creating the game concept as i was the only one producing ideas to the group. I looked at the games that were on that market at the time and realised there was an oppertunity to create a game that would fall under the survial horror genre, the group agreed on this concept and we gave each other tasks to complete. Since i had an overall idea of the game idea i  focused on creating the mechanics, i also overlooked the other members of the group and gave them ideas and help on their individual tasks. I helped research and conceive monsters and other enemies that would be included in the game and brainstormed ideas with the concept artist in the group to help produce the style of art we were looking for. I also produced ideas for weapons and how combination of weapons would create a more powerful weapon, for example using a lighter and a deodorant can would create a mini flamethrower that wouldn't be very powerful but would help when the situation is tight.

Reflection and Issues Identified (SWOT)
  • Strengths
I feel my strengths were been able to work in a group and share ideas with one another as well as producing the main idea for the group assignment, because i had overall idea for the game concept and mechanics i made sure i explained my ideas and vision as clearly as possible to each individual until they understood what i explaining to them. I feel one of my strengths is being able to recognize each individuals learning style and using this to help get across my point for example if someone had a visual learning style such as myself i would draw down what my ideas were so they could have a clear understand of my point.

  • Weaknesses
I feel that my weaknesses were not taking on board some of the other ideas the group had put forward, because i had this overall game idea in my head i felt it would make sense to use my ideas rather than a new concept. I also suffer from anxiety so my nerves let me down when it came to the presentation, its something I'm trying my best to overcome but my mind enjoys going blank when I'm in a presentation no matter how many times i read through my script.

  • Opportunities
Because this was our first group assignment and i didn't know everyone properly, i could have spoken to each member and learnt their own individual strengths and weaknesses so that when it came to handing out separate tasks we would have shared them out appropriately

  • Threats
As a group i felt we didn't keep in contact enough which led to the work being poorly structured, however i feel as if i could have done more to prevent this such as arrange group meetings more often and keep in contact on a regular basis with each member of the group

Plan of Action (SMART)

  • Specific
I feel i need to start listening more to what the group has to say and actually take in what ideas they are putting forward, i also feel i need to take a step back and not try and take charge of the group but at the same time make sure we keep in regular contact with each other and arrange group meetings on a daily basis to see how we are all doing on our individual tasks

  • Measurable
I think the best way of achieving these goals are to make sure i have each members mobile number or face book address so i can keep in contact with them at any time during the week, this means i can also discuss work matters with each member individually even if we haven't met as a group that day

  • Achievable
I know these goals are now achievable because i have made sure i have each of my members phone numbers and i have all members of my class on face book so if i was to be placed into another group i can easily gain contact with them via face book 

  • Relevant
I believe these goals are relevant to the issues i put forward in SWOT and now I have identified these issues and created a solution for them I know I haven’t got an excuse for them to occur again in the next group assignment

  • Time Based
I would make sure i created a schedule that would keep track of my own progress as well as each individual member of the group, for example i would make sure that each task every member has received would be checked up on a regular basis to see if the work is being completed, i would also set myself dates to complete my work so i aren't leaving some things till the last minute like i did in the last group assignment
Completion / Review / Conclusion
After overlooking my last group a assignment and my personal input towards the work i now know what i need to improve in order to achieve the best results me and my group can gain. I was keen to take lead role of the group which left the ideas the other members put forward not as well as appreciated as they should have been, i need to step back and allow all ideas from each member of the group to be put forward. I also know to keep in contact with the group and arrange regular meetings to make sure the work is being produced and each member understand what they are doing, if one member cannot make the group meetings then i will make sure i keep in contact with them via face book or telephone so they haven't missed out on any work put forward. I need to keep more organised with my own work as well as the groups work for example we set individual tasks but failed to know where each member was at with their own tasks which led to a poorly structured outcome, to fix this i now know we need to keep track of each members workload using a schedule which would have time and dates set on them as well as group meetings so that the each member can share their work with the rest of the group.